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TC4PI Framework Document is a publication product of a multilateral Comenius project Teacher Competences for Plurilingual Integration (TC4PI)


TC4PI Framework Document has the following features:

     TC4PI Framework is a theoretical description of a structure

  This document is a guide for teachers and future teachers. It provides guidelines for improving plurilingual integration in multicultural education environments.

  The framework is based on cooperation between partners coming from teacher education institutions, mobility for teachers and teacher trainers, strengthening of linguistic and intercultural competences, and reflecting and dialoguing on good practices in different education contexts. The triangle teacher education-research-innovation is conceived as an innovative element for contributing to lifelong learning.

TC4PI Framework Document is a basic structure underlying a system. The Document describes the basis of a balanced working structure:

-       Partnership structure

-       Research

-       Training

-       Evaluation

According to the Project, TC4PI Framework was conceived to:

1.Create a common useful range of tools to help teachers across Europe to acquire and develop multicultural competencies for their teaching practice in order to improve the integration of students in the class.

2.Be a reference “framework” DOCUMENT on teachers´ competences on multicultural and intercultural education.

3.Be a useful knowledge-transferable document for multicultural and multilingual educational contexts.

The primary audience of this document is teachers, future teachers and teacher trainers however, it is applicable to a broader audience including:

-       Education Authorities

-       High Education (HE) teachers

-       Education advisors, consultants

-       Policy stakeholders

-       School community: parents, other staff.

Teacher Competences for Plurilingual Integration (TC4PI) is a multilateral Comenius Project, developed between 2012 and 2015 with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

The TC4PI Consortium is composed by six institutions and five countries. It is well balanced among Pre-service and in-service, bidirectional, the relation between both areas of education is based on mutual feedback, collaboration and task sharing.

The publication is available in CROL (Centro de Recursos on-line) 

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