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The General Directorate of Innovation and Teacher Training of Castilla y León participates as a partner in the European Project KA 3 "LEADERSHIP FOR CHANGE" together with European Schoolnet (coordinator of the Project) the Ministeries of Education of Belgium, Italy and Portugal, and a consortium of centers in Malta

This project, started in February 2018 and will end in February 2021. The project partners have 17 collaborating educational centers, three per country with the exception of Castilla y León that participates with five centers that are the BITS (Bilingual, Inclusive, Technological and Safe). These High Schools are the IES Antonio Machado de Soria, IES ‘Pablo Díez’ from Boñar, in León, ‘IES Arca Real’ and IES ‘Antonio Tovar’ from Valladolid, and the IES ‘Los Sauces’ from Benavente, in Zamora.

The increasing size, complexity, uncertainty and diversity in schools across Europe, combined with social changes, caused various educational institutions to join in this project to design a new paradigm of shared leadership, necessary to involve everyone the agents of an educational center in its Educational Project and strategic lines.

Through the Erasmus + KA3 Project 'Learning Leadership for Change' we want to promote school leadership and the creation of efficient educational networks through self-assessment, training and the exchange of best practices in three key areas linked to the strategic development of educational centers: STEM education ('Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics'), the innovative use of ICT in education and digital citizenship.

The objectives pursued by the project are to strengthen school leadership as a means of change, through an innovative network of leadership distributed among the professionals of the educational center; experience adequate analysis and evaluation tools to plan for the future, analyze changes in the environment and propose ways and strategies for schools to evolve and ensure that all students prepare for the society of the future; and promote actions for the acquisition of updated skills and competencies with the objective of improving the quality of the educational services offered by the centers, inclusion and educational equity.


On January 24th and 25th, two representatives from each Secondary School of Castilla and León participants had the unique opportunity to be trained in a training workshop organized by European Schoololnet in Brussels together with two representatives from the other 12 High Schools representing the other four partner countries , Italy, Belgium, Malta and Portugal.

During these days, the educational leaders of the centers have received training in aspects related to social networks, 'cyberbulling', 'hate speech' or 'fake news', to improve the critical sense of students and provide them with strategies to deal with these new realities.

Through group dynamics and active methodologies, topics related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM disciplines) have been addressed. The activities have been developed within the ‘classroom of the future’, making known the didactic and innovative use of this physical space, ideal for carrying out the pedagogical change that integrates the technological evolution in the classrooms. There have been many activities carried out as well as the resources provided, knowing the numerous tool platforms that European Schoolnet has.

After this opportunity to internationalize these Secondary Schools, it will be when the participating centers are responsible for extending the objectives of this European project, adapted to the education and society of our region, among their educational communities and among the interested educational agents.


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