CLIL for Subjects Primary 17-18
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Our course for bilingual teachers CLIL for Subjects is about to finish. 

We have shared two face to face sessions on 30th January and 28th February with our trainer Mandy Mcloughlin.

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We continue with our CLIL courses focused on specific subjects, this time we have dealt with methodologies that suit to teaching Social Sciences and Arts.

Inquiry based learning is one of those methodologies that have lots of possibilities to apply in our lessons and it adapts perfectly to work in a crosscurricular way.

The second session was focused on evaluation, but through both sessions we shared lots of ideas, activities, games and resources to apply to our CLIL lessons.

At the same time, all participants were provided with a virtual platform to share the materials of the sessions, perform tasks and contact each other.

Here it is a video with a brief summary of the course.

 We will publish all the material in our blog, for all the participants and other teachers to access to it once we finish our course.

It's been a pleasure to have worked together in this course. Learning from each other is a key point of training and we have experienced the amazing work teachers do on their daily work. Keep on sharing it.

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