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  The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML ) in Graz , has recently published the "European Portfolio for pre-primary educators".This publication of the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe has been produced within the framework of the Centre’s 2012-15 programme entitled Learning through languages.

For Centro de Formación del Profesorado en Idiomas (CFPI), this publication is important in a double sense. One of its authors Doc Natalia Orlova, from University Jan Evangelista Purkyne, in ustí nad Labem (CZ) is partner in the European Project TC4PI which CFPI coordinated from 2012 to 2015.



Why use this portfolio?

PEPELINO can help you to:

• engage in an inner dialogue and manage your own professional development;

• promote exchanges, whether with other students, your colleagues or trainers, or in the framework of action research projects;

• reflect in depth upon professional competences in relation to languages and cultures;

• conduct a self-assessment and set yourself progress targets for the acquisition of these competences.

What will I find in PEPELINO?

PEPELINO is divided into nine parts:

• a brief presentation of the role of languages within Council of Europe’s policies;

• an explanation of a few key ideas to help you understand the structure and role of PEPELINO;

• a “personal statement” section inviting you, as you embark on your training, to give thought to your expectations of the training in this area;

• a language biography in which you can engage in a personal process of reflection on your language experiences and your perceptions of linguistic and cultural diversity; • a personal analysis of your professional competences, which will encourage you to engage regularly in reflection on your professional development;

• a tool for charting the progress of this reflection on your professional competences;

• a section in which to take stock of the foreign languages that you know and use;

• a dossier in which to document your progress and set out your thoughts about your teaching practices;

• a recapitulative list of the competence descriptors that PEPELINO proposes for the purpose of analysing your own professional competences.

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