Final Conference 24th Sept 2015 Teacher Competences for Plurilingual Integration
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Remarkable moments Tc4pi Final Conference 24Th September

Teachers and partners of TC4PI Project agreed in the idea of having reflect and making conclusions that will lead to a definite change in the way languages and culture is going to be presented at schools. Most of it has to do with the job shadowing performance in the five different countries that conformed the Project and also the research and afterwards writing of the Framework document that reflects the way Plurilingualism can be introduced and developed in the classroom

A Conference left remarkable moments that probably are not going to be forgotten.

Job shadowers made their own Haiku trying to summarized their emotions and livings during the Project while attending their Job shadowing Seminar on the 23rd at CFPI. Some examples are as rich and meaningful as these ones:

We welcome you once

Our language is full in the air

Join and share

Different ways of living

Steps up to Bable tower

Different words and worlds

Voices from job shadowers showed their work

A language is a mirror image of a nation

Its people, culture, habits, wild nature

As you learn you find new information

A good foundation is what starts a conversation

While Job shadowers Presentations we could enjoy an activity shown by Lithuanian job shadowers:


Languages speak up rapDeividas Jakavičius, Lithuania.

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