Global Culture by David Rixham
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It goes without saying that globalization can be felt every nook and cranny of the World. David Rixham (the speaker for the last session of English for Success Course) also mentioned same hints on Glocalization. A global product is altered in some manner in order to meet the appeal to local consumers. (wikipedia). For example a burger called the Maharaja Mac in India, and even a McSushi burger in Japan. The expression is very much used within the business world.

In terms of Global Language the debate around English leads us to question us on language associated with modernity, divergences from the Standard, and the reasons why it is predominant.

The classification that refers to the ESL/EFL has been put forward by Kachru (1985). This is the ‘three circles’ model.

The Inner Circle refers to the traditional cultural and linguistic bases of English. The Outer Circle represents the institutionalized non-native varieties (ESL) in the regions that have passed through extended periods of colonization . . . The Expanding Circle includes the regions where the performance varieties of the language are used essentially in EFL contexts.

The study of World Englishes consists of identifying varieties of English used in diverse sociolinguistic contexts globally and analyzing how sociolinguistic histories, multicultural backgrounds and contexts of function influence the use of English in different regions of the world.   Models of World Englishes  Wikipedia.  IAWE

Let´s work on that: English in our world (unidad didáctica ) de

The question is: Is control of English shifting away from British and American native speakers? Professor David Crystal video shows some examples where in the end the influence is enormous now that we are living in an Internet world.

The boundary of correction makes us think about to what extend sometimes we –as teachers-should admit some divergences from what it is known as the standard.

David Rixham put forward  some questions to reflect on

Do we perceive or foresee cultural assimilations affecting future behavior patterns in Education


 Following the Second World  War, English replaced French as US became the dominant global power. What next?

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