Living in a Digital World
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Georgina Lovatt -an expert on Digital World- ended the session with the question: What´s  the lack of absence? What does it mean? A kind of loss of lack...

The End of Absence by Michael Harris tries to explore our lives in order to find out parts of the earlier world (before Internet) we do not want lose forever. The author reclaims what we have lost in a world of constant connection.


This reflection leads us to have a look at the world we are living in. And the kind of users- as far as Tecnology concerns- we are: foreigners, settlers, immigrants or native

Georgina presented the questions:

What will the next step in brain Evolution be by reading the article  entitled The Next Step in Brain Evolution (Sunday Times)

And what are our students´expectations?

Georgina Lovatt  also suggested two videos about Digital Natives by Marc Prenski and about Creativity and Education by Sir Ken Robinson

We can also suggest the book Teaching Digital Natives by Marc Prenski

This third session of English for Success Course provided us not only lots of reflections on our lifes and World surrounded by gadgets but also the way our students are aware of the life they are living.

A digital world connects all of us and set the pace and determine the course of learning and definitely living.

Teachers involved in this Course showed abilities to cope with digital natives learning and proved themselves being  digital settlers or immigrants. Thank you!





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